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Tim Kuhl
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Pete's Candy Store
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Electronic artists Eve Maret and Dream Chambers kick off tour at The Cobra on 01.25

Electronic artists Eve Maret and Jess Chambers (aka Dream Chambers) are taking their latest synth-crafted tunes on the road, kicking things off with a show at The Cobra on January 25th. Maret and Chambers recently co-founded Hyasynth House, the Nashville-based electronic music collective for femme, trans, and non-binary artists. Their efforts have provided a place for musicians around the city to connect, share their work, and collaborate. And while their good work has taken up quite a bit of time, Maret and Chambers are taking a week to travel around the southeastern states, share their newest music, and spread word about their work. At their kickoff show at The Cobra, Maret and Chambers will share the bill with EDM artist and recent expat from the Bay Area, Stacian, as well as the funk-tinged songs of Soft Bodies. As always, Hyasynth House won't tolerate any harrassment of any kind at the show, so if you go on Friday night and feel unsafe, let them know. Take a listen to Eve's latest album No More Running, as well as Dream Chambers' latest album White Roses, below. - Will Sisskind


A Deli Premiere: new electro-pop single from Sunspeaker, plays Gold Sounds 2.2

After his intriguing debut two months ago, Brooklyn-based songwriter/producer Sunspeaker has quickly returned with his second electro-pop single, “Under the Gun,” premiering right here. The track evokes dreamy, disco-like vibes, conjuring up images of a pulsating slo-mo dance-floor. Each facet of this song is packed with slow-burning heat; from the beat’s smooth, sensual feel to the impassioned lyrics, Sunspeaker was able to balance lyrical intensity with groove. Unlike the vocal flexibility heard debut single “I Will Not Love You,” the vocals in this new track tread steadily over a clean yet busy blend of sounds, allowing the production skills of this solo artist to shine. Sunspeaker will be headlining a show at Gold Sounds on Feb 2, catch him playing “Under the Gun” (below) live and stream his debut singles on Soundcloud or Spotify. - Rebecca Carroll


New NAH Compilation Available for Streaming & Purchase

Necessary NAH, a rather comprehensive collection of the artist’s material from 2011-2017, was recently posted. One can venture into the layered ambience. Hip hop/jazz/electronica, injected with noise, establishes varied precision across multiple dimensions. Cultivating spontaneity with a controlled hand, NAH's jams take hold, and bring you to places previously unknown. Go there with one of Philly's most profilic and talented sound sculptors!


Jäh Division find dub in the music of Ian Curtis, play Secret Project Robot 1.26

Branding oneself as a “psychedelic dub interpretation of Joy Division” is a move certain to raise eyebrows, but Brooklyn noise quartet Jäh Division’s take on the music of Ian Curtis is executed with a remarkable amount of confident experimentation and self-assuredness. While it’s not surprising that Jäh Division started as a joke between roommates Brad Truax and Barry London, a self-described “good smoke and a joke,” their nine-track LP Dub Will Tear Us Apart… Again is more than another sophomoric meme album. Truax and London, in collaboration with members of Oneida and Home, create spacey, discordant soundscapes throughout Dub that rely upon components of Joy Division’s music as a backbone while expanding outwards into something completely different; at face value their music is familiar in melody only, with their phaser-laden employ of the Curtis’ vocal lines from songs like “Disorder” and “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” but the end result is more indicative of the group’s respective electronic instrumental chops. While not for everyone, Dub Will Tear Us Apart is an interesting, defiantly different interpretation of post-punk made by and for those who crave New York’s weirdest sounds.

Jäh Division will play a record release show on January 26th at Secret Project Robot, supported by Mourning A BLK Star. Stream Dub Will Tear Us Apart... Again below. -Connor Beckett McInerney (@b_ck_tt)