New Track: "Stag" - Goat Mumbles

Rob Grote (of The Districts) recently shared a new single under the moniker of Goat Mumbles. “Stag” occupies a shadowy, synthwave spectrum. A progressive, percussive groove shimmers in the moonlight, creating a mysterious, lonely dance track. The song seems to be invitation to a prospective companion, as Grote’s vocals suggest a hypothetical future. The longing, semi-spoken deliver is contrasted by the warmth and brightness of his falsetto, introducing a different perspective of the artist's musical talents. (Photo by Out Of Town Films)


Paul Blanding “Long Winter’s Nap”

Paul Blanding has released a new EP called “Long Winter’s Nap” featuring nearly 40 minutes of exquisite ambient music. This could be the perfect soundtrack to your Christmas morning or something to drift to sleep to on Christmas Eve.


Jeff Kolar "Music for Phone Booths"

Jeff Kolar has released the soundtrack to his recent art installation, “Music For Phone Booths”, as an EP. The project was a multi-channel audio installation that was a part of Space p11’s “Short-Cuts” series at City Hall and County Building.

The project was up from December 12th to 13th and featured Molar’s pieces available for playback inside five vintage abandoned phone booths located underground in the Chicago Pedway.

However, even outside the designed installation these pieces of music are exceptional ambient, drone, compositions that need to be experienced. Kolar utilized a 1863 S.D. & H.W. Smith pump organ and electronics to create these beautiful sounds.


The lovely electric pop of Madeline Kenney’s “Perfect Shapes”

After last year’s debut “Night Night at First Landing,” we were curious what direction Madeline Kenney’s newest album would take. Mercy me, we were not disappointed. "Perfect Shapes" is a multi-genre, multi-layered album with touches of synth infusions partnered with melodic bass lines and touches of shoegazy guitar melodies all grounded by that strong, twang-touched voice. A beautiful key to the success of Kenney’s latest is her ability to keep us moving with her throughout each song’s journey. Empowering snappy songs transition into melodic dreamy driftings that are in a land far away from rock n roll--kudos to the spaceship that flies into “Your Art”--but let’s be clear: this electric pop album is centered around solid musicianship, fantastic compositions and lyrics we can relate to. Brava, lady. - Michelle Kicherer, Associate Editor 


Zøume brings industrial-metal to the Knit on 12.21

Industrial rock seems to be experiencing a timid reinassaince in NYC - and that's better than nothing, considering how much of a niche genre it is. Brooklyn quartet Zoume is blending the genre's clangy electronic sounds and apocalyptic atmospheres with post-hardcore, metalcore, and even hip hop influences, forging an imaginative hybrid bound to become the soundtrack of anybody's favorite nightmares. Those interested in a radical break from Christmas music should not miss their show at The Knitting Factory on December 21st.