Carter Beckworth Austin Shows March 24 at Saxon Pub, March 25 at The Scoot Inn

A local with lofty aspirations, Carter Beckworth is picking up momentum as he expands on his Texas country roots by incorporating electric and R&B elements, something you can check out at two upcoming Austin shows. Carter is a proven songwriter that has just completed touring with Cory Morrow, with whom Beckworth co-wrote six new songs off Morrow’s new album The Good Fight. Gearing up for his fourth full album release, Beckworth applies his deft songwriting to genre-bending arrangements, which are on full-display with songs like “Between Now And Then,” which you can check out below. While Beckworth’s songwriting has earned him the ability to share the stage with some of country’s biggest names, his solo album has allowed him to set his very own, very interesting musical course, and it’s also made him one of the city’s to-watch country artists. Take a listen yourself at his March 24 show at Saxon Pub, or a day later on March 25 at The Scoot Inn with Reckless Kelly.


Lee Ackerley
(catch more of Lee's work


New Prime Homeless Time EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Dead Fuck, the freshly released EP from Prime Homeless Time, may unlock the mid-week reboot we sometimes require. The album is full of blown-out experimental rockers so submerge your conscious in the undeniable static haze, with its weathered sense of intimacy. It will wear down your defenses, seeping into your system.


Curtis Cooper Record Release Show at JB's March 15

Curtis Cooper’s full-length debut Laughing In Line could be simply considered folk-oriented singer/songwriter material. However, that label might carry a stigma that fails to take into account the diversity of sounds these songs represent. Cooper steers enthusiastic, soulful-driven narratives that clearly carry personal ramifications, but venture beyond that locality, booming forward in a determined folk-rock framework. It momentously marches, luring with a communal evocation. Abi Reimold (joined by a full band) melds calming catharsis with an agitated aggression that grabs the reins, taking control of emotive energy in explosive rockin' resolutions. Emmett Drueding sings songs steeped in the searching atmosphere of rural Americana, while the ghostly stir of Julia Rainer may send a shiver up your spine. Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 N. Frankford Ave., 8pm, $10, 21+ - Michael Colavita


Half Gringa

Half Gringa (formerly Tin Silos) is primarily the work of Izzy Olive. She has been making intimate folk-pop for the last six years, and late in 2015 released a beautifully raw EP called Display Case Glass.

You can catch Half Gringa at Quenchers with Wilder Maker and Maren Celest on April 20th.


Joe Goodkin

Joe Goodkin released his latest EP, Record of Life, in June of 2015. With rich stories and earnest song structure, Goodkin has garnered a wide following since the release. He is now premiering the video his for the EP's lead single, "Gray", via the music video network Ditty TV tomorrow, March 9th at 5pm.