Michelle LeBlanc releases single "A Good Man" on 04.05

Songwriter Michelle LeBlanc releases her newest single "A Good Man" on April 5th, following up her 2018 debut EP A Man Like You. The folk artist's newest song matches the passion and grit of past singles such as "B.T.W.", but contains a spacey atmosphere within its almost four-minute length that might remind listeners of Mazzy Star or Cat Power. LeBlanc comes to Nashville from New York; on her website, she posts often about her observations on tarot, an art which helped her make the big decision to make the move away from her old life and her past relationship. "A Good Man" touches on that story, but also on the hope that perhaps LeBlanc can find her old kind of love again, even in a semi-new town. Take a listen to "B.T.W.", a cut from A Man Like You, below. - Will Sisskind


Son of Cloud celebrates debut LP on 03.23 at The Brooklyn Friends Meeting House

Finalizing a record can take a lot longer than expected, and, paradoxically, being good at making records can interfere with it. That's the story of Jonathan Seale, the NYC based producer of Feist, Lucius, Fleet Foxes, Andrew Bird and more, who goes under the stage name os Son of Cloud. "When I started making records professionally at age 20, I decided that I wanted to focus on supporting the writing of other artists because I felt that I hadn't lived enough life to make a meaningful contribution to the world as a songwriter" - he says - and what happened then, we guess, is that the recording business took over his life. It's hard for busy producers to go back to the potentially zero-money-making entreprise that is the band biz after experiencing success in a different and still creative area of the music industry, so it is remarkable to see Seale's commitment to finish this record and disclose to the world his thoughtful songwriting and incredibly deep and soulful tenor. In support of the upcoming album, Seale will perform his debut concert as Son of Cloud on March 23rd, 2019, at The Brooklyn Friends Meeting House, playing with a full band.


The Fixins release new EP, Screens, Greens and Flying Machines March 21

There’s a purity in The Fixins’ latest EP, Screens, Greens and Flying Machines. Tracks have a beachy folk rock feeling that are like a Jack Johnson-Neutral Milk Hotel hybrid but with more country feel-good vibes. Track “Dropping Bombs” has a sweet melody and lovely plucking for such a political song, which is perhaps why it’s effective. It’s not in your face--nor is the rest of the album. “Can’t Find a Reason” has a classic country baseline with a nice melody and some softer beach rock. The EP’s sweetest track is the last, “Same Old Story,” which closes out the EP with a quieter folk-pop lullaby and a guitar solo done nice n fine. Catch them at Neck of the Woods on April 6. -Michelle Kicherer, Associate Editor


New Track: "Vintage Clothes" - Grant Pavol

Okay is the forthcoming EP from Grant Pavol, and will be released on cassette on May 17 via Shamir's fledgling indie label Accidental Popstar Records. Today, we have received a sampling of the release, with its lead single,  “Vintage Clothes”. An acoustic guitar helps to set the folk scene. There is a sense of being a fly on the wall as a connection is almost made. Learning as the moments go by, the track captures an evolving, perceptive perspective. An unguarded honesty makes the song pensively powerful.


Sun Kil Moon releases I Also Want to Die in New Orleans

Sun Kil Moon’s latest release, I Also Want to Die in New Orleans (Caldo Verde Records) has singer-songwriter Mark Kozelek’s signature talk-singing style, like a Bill Callahan but with more of swaying, touch-of-blues rock and string-plucking country moments, and if you can imagine, more cocky. Tracks are embedded with Kozelek’s at times judgemental frustrations around San Francisco transplants and the general state of things in our country. Song “Day in America” is a very straight telling of Kozelek’s experience learning of the Parkland shooting; “I’m Not Laughing at You” is full of quotes of conversations Kozelek has had with frustrated people over the last 26 years. The most musically musical track on the album is “Couch Potato,” which has tidbits of all the disappointing ways in which newcomers don’t appreciate the natural beauty of San Francisco. Track “Bay of Kotor” includes distressing animal cries and concludes the album with a strange taste in our mouths. Take a listen on Spotify, (he's not released any freshies in Bandcamp or Soundcloud) then refresh yourself outside with a long walk. -Michelle Kicherer, Associate Editor