Elijah Berlow "So Romantic"

Elijah Berlow recently released a video for a new song called “So Romantic”. The video was filmed in the woods of New Glarus, WI and features Scotty Quill on guitar.

Last month Elijah released a new single called “Roadkill” and a live EP recored at VCR.


Streetlight Shakers are all-Americana goodness, First Church show set for 08.13

Few bands show the combination of skill and passion that Connecticut's Streetlight Shakers do. The trio uses a simple set-up of drums, keys, and bass to produce full-blown Americana gems. The elegant vocals of Jeff Boratko lead the way past intricate basslines and finely-crafted drum patterns, telling a story easy to relate to, easy to imagine. The band's debut record A Light in the Dark is jam-packed with tunes tailored-made to capture consciousness profoundly: some songs inspiring like "Pull Yourself Together" some cautionary like "Down With the Devil" all demand careful attention. The group's stories seep into the mind and remain there, fermenting till the next listen. The band has a busy month ahead with the next New England show at First Church in West Hartford on August 13th. We are streaming "Brooklyn Bound" to keep your weekend going in style. - Rene Cobar


07.27: Damned Rivers play No Billiards to support new LP "The Pugilist"

Damned Rivers touch their music with flavors of Americana, indie rock, punk, and soul to create a blend of genres which evoke memories of Elvis Costello, Bruce Springsteen, and Tom Petty. Fans of those classic rockers, as well as newer indie legends such as The Menzingers, will enjoy Damned Rivers' debut album The Pugilist, which the band released earlier this month. The album tells the tale of a boxer near the end of his career, with each song diving deeper into the boxer's understanding of his life-changing situation. Songwriter Ian Mauldin used inspiration from his own hardships during one of the most difficult years of his life to write the story of the boxer. The Pugilist is Damned Rivers' first since their debut EP in 2015; go listen to the band perform tracks from the album at No Billiards in East Nashville on July 27th. Take a listen to "Prizefighter" below. - Will Sisskind


New This & That Tapes Compilation Available for Streaming & Purchase

This & That Tapes recently released Dreamlife: A Summer Mixtape & Zine to Benefit Womanly. The compilation includes music from Womanly Magazine founder and Strange Parts member Attia Taylor, as well as Philly contributors Remote/Control, Little Stray, Avery Cerulean, Emily Bate, and many others. The publication "provides accessible health information to women and non-binary people through visual and literary art." Each purchase of the album will also come with a download of the Dreamlife zine.


Pearla's New Single, "Daydream" and Upcoming EP Release

Daydream is an appropriate title for Brooklyn-based Pearla's first single from her upcoming debut LP Quilting & OtherActivities. Behind the band moniker, singer/songwriter Nicole Rodriguez reveals her most intimate thoughts through beautifully arranged emotional lullabies laden with metaphors and lush melodies. Recurring themes include love, evocative personal memories, the search for ways to escape darkness, whose emotional power gets boosted by her enchanting voice and a sparse but vivid production. Combining elements of folk, pop and psychedelia with a playful yet sober approach to songwriting, "Daydream" carries a wistful sort of confidence and a poetic power that's rare to find. 

In other Pearla-related news, the artist will be headlining Rough Trade on August 28th, celebrating the debut album release on Egghunt Records (Lucy Dacus, Camp Howard, Gold Connections). To hear the full EP, you'll have to wait until the September 6th release. - Susan Moon