Watch Anna Egge's crafty video for new single "Cocaine Cowboy"

Brooklyn-based Anna Egge will drop her newest album Is It This Kiss on September 6th; to preview the record, she's released the music video for a single from the record called "Cocaine Cowboys". The sparse country-tinged track nods to legends such as Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline, and Hank Williams, weaving little more than Egge's voice layered in harmony, a strummed acoustic guitar, and tiny touches of strings and wind instruments to create a beautiful and simple song. The video echoes this minimalistic approach: a pair of hands crafts the visuals to the lyrics, using paper cutouts and props such as cereal marshmallows, cotton balls, paper cutouts of the country stars to whom Egge pays homage, and a 45 of "Cocaine Cowboys" itself. Take a look for yourself at the video below. - Will Sisskind


CD of the Month: Tom Abbott - Puppet Boy

The CD of the Month for June hands down has to go to Tom Abbott of Wrentham, MA. Puppet Boy is from start to finish a sonic collage that captivates song after song. The singer-songwriter has crafted a record that shines with folk-rock splendor and flashes its highlights of blues, punk, and lo-fi production throughout fourteen riveting tracks. The New England artist gifts something to each listener: “Fake Punk” is a hard and edgy sonic thrill ride while “(It’d Be Nice) to Feel Wanted Again” is rich with sincerity, a vulnerable track made for broken hearts. Congrats to Tom Abbott for creating a pristine example of New England’s rich folk-rock history. Enjoy Puppet Boy streaming below. - Rene Cobar


Queeva "How Do You Know"

15 year old signer/songwriter Queeva announced last week that her debut album, How Do You Know, on July 12th. The album will include the three singles she released in 2018 along with six new songs.

Below is the full tracklist along with the recently released video for the album’s title track.

1. How Do You Know (QUEEVA, Shaye Smith, Jamie O’Neal)
2. Stand Out (QUEEVA, Minnie Murphy Jamie ONeal)
3. Live Like A Song (QUEEVA, Minnie Murphy, Jamie ONeal)
4. Who You Really Are (QUEEVA, Minnie Murphy, Jamie ONeal )
5. Young Wild and Free (QUEEVA, Stephanie Bentley, Rob Crosby, Jamie ONeal)
6. Going Back (QUEEVA, Minnie Murphy, Jamie ONeal)
7. Dream Big (QUEEVA, Stephanie Bentley, Rob Crosby, Jamie ONeal)
8. Close To You (QUEEVA, Minnie Murphy, Jamie ONeal)
9. You're Still Here (QUEEVA, Lisa Drew, Jimmy Murphy, Jamie ONeal)


Will Bennett & The Tells "In Nashville"

Will Bennett & The Tells have released a third single, “In Nashville”, from their forthcoming album, All Your Favorite Songs.

This is the back of the barroom Americana of Will Bennett along with Daniel Martinson, Ethan Kenvarg, and Wilson Brehmer.

You can help Will Bennett & The Tells celebrate the released the their album at Schubas on July 29th with Baby Money and The Down Payments, St. Marlboro, and The Long Lost.


Cindy Cane plays Brooklyn Psych Fest on 07.06 and 5 more NYC shows this summer

NYC band Cindy Cane is going to have a busy summer of 2019, with six live shows scheduled in NYC between July and August. That is either a sign of naiveté or of buzzworthy status, since getting enough fans to a gig twice a year is already a struggle for most emerging NYC bands  - we'll see how that pans out! The "post-everything" band seems intent on rejecting genre constraints in favor of imposing a peculiarly lo-fi and post-punk inspired character on genres as disparate as cold wave and folk music. The mangled 'country' of east river take me under (streaming below) feels like the only possible kind of folk a city like New York can produce. Don't miss their upcoming show at the Knitting Factory within the Brooklyn Psych Fest on July 6th.