Indie Rock

Underwire "Revenged"

Underwire has released a new single called “Revenged”. This was recorded at Empty Bottle and is a part of the Sing Me A Story Series. The song was inspired by a story called "The Fall of Leopard's and Rabbit's Friendship” by a seven year old Ugandan girl named Angel.

You can catch Underwire at The Owl on August 26th with Valley Gals, and The Lipschitz.


ESSi drone and disorient on "Pines And Cones," play Alphaville 10.5

New York noise enthusiasts ESSi know their way around a busted Line 6 amplifier, and their newest single “Pines Ands Cones” demonstrates an aptitude for all the bells and hisses of an electric guitar. While the track builds its energy with a grimy driving four on the floor beat, it quickly transitions to a meandering, noodling trance; guitarist and singer Jessica Ackerly delivers an aggressive vocal performance against Rick Daniel’s doomsday percussion, resulting in a final cut that feels like an industrial fugue state. It’s disorienting, dissonant, and rough around the edges (in the best way possible), a hype-worthy teaser of what we can expect on the duo’s forthcoming debut, Vital Creatures, out October 11th on Ramp Local. Stream it below, and catch ESSI at Alphaville on October 5th alongside Upper Wilds, Russian Baths, and Wsabi Fox. -Connor Beckett McInerney


Fish House releases escapist new single, plays Lilypad Inman 08.10

A little groovy, a little surfy, and a lot of fun is “Better for It” the latest single from Boston’s Fish House. The talented trio does not lack direction: each note in the new track is carefully placed to stimulate the senses, create images of a peaceful world desired. The band’s indie rock is polished with elements of R&B, creating its appeal. From the smooth vocal delivery to the deep bass groove and shimmering piano notes that surround it, the single is a sonic rope leading to escape. Indie rock’s progression over the last few years has leaned toward the harsh electronic sounds of Ty Segall and Des Rocs, but it could be argued what Fish House offers for the genre is far more sensitive and sound. The band is bringing its evocative sounds to Lilypad Inman in Cambridge on August 10th. We are streaming the new single for you below. - Rene Cobar


The Darling Suns

The Darling Suns have released their debut full-length album called Midnight Feelings. The band released the album two lead single, “Raspberry Homecoming” and “Loving You”, over the last couple of months and below is a live video of there DZ Records performance of “Raspberry Homecoming”.

This is the work of Robert Krause (Guitar/Lead Vocals), John Stenger (Guitar/Synth/Vocals), Lindsey Ward (Violin/Vocals), Sam Rorie (Bass) and Charlie Dresser (Drums/Percussio).

You can catch The Darling Suns at Subt (Downstairs) on August 17th with Sick Day and Morgan Powers.


Mrs. Henry takes us to "The River"

San Diego four-piece Mrs. Henry usher in the classic and roots rock of the '70s, often paying homage by closely following the intended source material. Recently, the band recruited over thirty musicians from their local music scene to recreate influential Canadian rockers The Band's farewell show The Last Waltz. And "The River," their latest original single, represents a collective renewal after undertaking such a daunting project—even if they originally conceived it during a busy period in their lives. The gospel-tinged boogie rock of "The River" evokes a loose jam session, but more so in feeling, as the arrangements sound carefully crafted and versatile. Inspired from a trip guitarist/vocalist Dan Cervantes took to Big Sur, the rollicking, multi-part track signifies the search for something meaningful, using natural elements to bring cleansing from within. It's a simple step forward for a band who's choosing to narrow their focus after satisfying their lofty ambitions. - Juan Rodríguez