Indie Rock

Better Love “I Wasn’t Ready Then, But I Think I Am Now"

Better Love are back with their third EP, “I Wasn’t Ready Then, But I Think I Am Now".

This is the Indie Pop of Brad Harvey, Jackie Heuser, and Kevin Provencher.


Young Man In A Hurry "potable water system emoji"

Over the last three months Young Man In A Hurry have released a series of experimental, instrumental singles that pull their title's from emojis. The mysterious singles all feature several highly talented local musicians including Macie Stewart, Ben LaMar Gay, Tim Daisy, Emma Hospelhorn, and David Vandervelde.

It is unclear as to how many more songs the band plan to release from this clearly epic recording session.

The latest single in the series was released on May 5th and is called "potable water system emoji"

You can catch Young Man In A Hurry at the Hideout on June 24th with Neptune's Core.


Moritat "Vermilion"

Art Rock trio Moritat have released their latest album, Vermilion. The trio released three singles from the album during the last quarter of 2021 including "Camera", "Ten Swooning Enemies", and "Weapons".

This is the work of Venus Laurel, Konstantin Jace and Corey McCafferty.


Panda Riot "1000%"

Panda Riot has released the second single, "1000%", from their forthcoming album Extra Cosmic which is due out on June 10th.

This is the Dream Pop of Brian Cook and Rebecca Scott with Cory Osborne on Bass and Brian Hilderbrand on drums.


Thank You, I'm Sorry "Parliaments"

Dream Pop group Thank You, I'm Sorry has released a new single called "Parliaments". The single perfectly captures that wistful feeling of smoke-filled summer boredom.

This is the work of Colleen Dow (Guitar and Vocals), Bethunni Schreiner (Bass), Sage Livergood (Drums), and Abe Anderson (Guitar).

You can catch Thank You, I'm Sorry on May 17th at Subt with Hey, Ily.