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Don't Tell Dena
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Hotel Vegas
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Wojcik Brings Blue-Collar Work Ethic to Debut Releases

Like countless other Austinite musicians, Matthew Wojcik puts in long hours at his day job in order to keep his music aspirations alive. Playing revved-up folk music under his last name, Wojcik, Matthew isn't shy about incorporating pop elements and alt-rock distortion into his repertoire, so that it proves a more distinct sound. Wojcik's only other member happens to be his wife, Virginia Marceau, who helps in filling out harmonies with her refined vocals. Wojcik (the band) are laying the groundwork to begin self-releasing and promoting their new music, beginning with their new debut single "Growing Old or Passing On" which officially drops on August 17th, and then the full EP, "Winter Winds", which is slated for a September 21 release. Matt and Virginia worked on the upcoming EP for over two and a half years, with Matthew having written and performed almost all of the tracks except for some help from writer and tour buddy, Matthew Squires. Before the music is released in late Summer, you can catch Wojcik and Matthew Squires on a mini-Texas tour (dates listed below). Ambitious and hard-working, Wojcik, is the type of band that you can root for, because they would rather make their own luck than wait for a gift to fall from the sky.

July 25th - Hole In The Wall - Austin, TX July 27th - LowCountry - San Antonio, TX July 30th - The Lost Horse Saloon - Marfa, TX

Link to Debut Single - "Growing Old or Passing On" 


Rival Waves Embraces Technological Rock

 Rival Waves is an Austin-based rock band fusing propulsive, distortion-soaked anthems with sweeping personal and political themes. Armed with arena-ready songs reminiscent of Pearl Jam and U2, the band is driven to create a more meaningful connection between art and audience. With a DIY ethos focused on the convergence of music and tech, an inclination towards consistent musical experimentation, and an earnest commitment to topics ranging from the intimately personal to the sociopolitical, Rival Waves take their cues from Fugazi as much as they do Foo Fighters. As Rival Waves continues to focus on leveraging technology to disrupt a fragmented musical landscape and establish a more engaged audience, the band is gearing up to release a debut album and launch a super-served digital fan community known as theCollective - partnering with companies in Austin’s thriving tech sector to help turn these ideas into realities. In the meantime, Rival Waves is focused on writing new material, using digital technology to grow their live show into an even more memorable and experiential event, and finding ways to serve an engaged and impassioned audience.



Why Bonnie Breaks Out With Nostalgic Dream Pop

The Austin-based quintet, Why Bonnie, brings together hazey dream pop with shoegazed vibes that are most reminiscent of Alvvays and Japanese Breakfast. Wistful lyrics coalesce with shimmering guitars to create a disassociative state where nostalgia washes over warm melodies. Blair Howerton fronts the band with a narrowed focus on quality songwriting and lyrics that are then fleshed out by dexterous instrumentation from the rest of the band. "Made of Paper" was released in February and their new EP, "Nightgown", was released June 20th and the band is currently on tour across America. Tap into the pop escapism of Why Bonnie by checking out their tour dates on the link here.






Kady Rain Releases A Summertime Pop Hit with "It Wasn't the Roses"

 A perpetual sunny disposition and bubblegum pop vibes that manifest positivity, Kady Rain's music is a vitamin shot of glitter-pop designed to brighten your day.  The Austin-based pop vocalist/songwriter has taken her personal life's darkness, including surviving an abusive past, and rendered it into an inspiring and uplifiting expression of love through her music. Kady Rain's new single, "It Wasn't the Roses", features incisive lyrics that are confectioned with infectious electro-pop, leaving listeners entranced and curious for more. Kady Rain is 28 years old and has already demonstrated a fortuitous demeanor that will keep her momentum moving forward towards larger audiences, so lets enjoy watching the metamorphosis from beginning to end.