Table Tennis Dreamer Renders Heartfelt Electronica On "All My Life"

As one door begins to close, another has begun to open for Waldo Wittenmyer who is behind the new solo project, Table Tennis Dreamer.  Waldo has contributed in a variety of bands (Velo, Toma, Waldo & The Naturals) which all have unique styles but his solo project may be the most pure representation of his own voice. Shimmering retro synths and lachrymose vocals coalesce into a melodic earworm on TTD's first single "All My Life". An Austin psychedelic ribbon streaks through the track and gives it an ethereal aura that percolates slowly into the listener's consciousness. While Toma has created a respectable body of music, Table Tennis Dreamer seems to inhabit the musical niche that Wittenmyer is now able to flesh out in its entirety. TTD will be releasing his first EP, Randall Vol. 1, this Spring.



altopalo on the cover of Issue #56 of The Deli NYC - now out digitally!

Hola, peoples into emerging music!

The winter issue of The Deli NYC (our 56th!) is now up on the cloud (HERE), featuring glitch-soul luminaries altopalo on its cover!

The issue also tackles the current shift of everything cool from Brooklyn to Queens, and - as usual - highlights many local bands we dig (and their favorite gear).

There's also a special about the NAMM show, which we will participate in with our own Stompbox Booth featuring tons of emerging pedal manufacturers!

Fresh Buzz and NYC Records of the Month sections are never skipped!

Look out for the print version, out at the end of the month.

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Moving Panoramas Tease Album Release with New Single "ADD Heart"

You dont need a Women's March patch, a Gloria Steinem novel or an 'I'm With Her' bumper sticker to be considered a strong female in 2019. Moving Panoramas began as an all-female dreampop band that not only exuded female autonomy and empowerment but they did so without the cliche man-hating rhetoric or knee-jerk sexist vitriol.  Frontwoman, Leslie Sisson, is a music-industry vet who happens to offer an angelic voice and hypnotizing guitar work on top of her strong leadership and songwriting prowess. While the band now features male members and has also added Sweet Spirit's Cara Tillman amongst others, it is still very much the Leslie-show. While the band certainly still retains some shoegaze elements on their newer tracks, they have opted for a more frenetic aesthetic that injects urgency and excitement and is basically more ADD-friendly. The music video for "ADD Heart" was directed by Willi Patton and he does a great job conveying the sleek, sexy and mysterious aura that inhabits the song. The sophomore album for Moving Panoramas, In Two, will be released on February 22nd through Modern Outsider and all signs point to Sisson's talents being on full display. That is great news for the rest of us.




The Lewd Dudes are Lascivious and Hilarious

Are you tired of being a self-serious Austin music scenester? Do you want to fall in love? Neither of those questions matter because the Lewd Dudes have released a debut EP and their potent blend of humor and classic rock is guaranteed to elevate your mood. Infectious melodies coalesce with absurdist lyrics to keep the listener's attention. Would a band ever add an extra member just so they could graduate from being a quintet to a 'sex'tet?  That's silly, but the Lewd Dudes are a band of silly gooses.  Track names like "69 N on the Beach" and "Me and My Bone" make sure to preserve a degree of professional poise, but then the drummer also happens to be named 'Boner'. Whether you like their sugary choruses, the horns section, or just listening to their lively lyrics - the Lewd Dudes are having fun while playing and you can't help but rock along yourself. The Lewd Dudes play January 10th at Hotel Vegas!



Washed Out Rides Chill Wave Vibes Through Mohawk

  You’re laying on a white sand beach under a blazing sun, fading into an afternoon daydream, when the tide begins to creep up from your toes until ocean water fills your ears. Instead of panic setting in, you allow yourself to be consumed by the warming chorus of tropical synths and lysergic energy fields. A molten core of happiness reverberates from your sternum before you awaken to discover you’re still in bed listening to Washed Out. Such is the appeal of the flagship Chill Wave purveyor, Ernest Greene, who continues to flesh out his catalogue of ethereal panoramic soundscapes after he helped popularize the genre nearly a decade ago. Washed Out brought those balmy funk-laden beats to the Mohawk on Saturday, and despite the temperature being frigid, the music emanated a comforting warmth.

On tour after their 2017 release of their third full-length, Mister Mellow, the full band had a laid-back stage presence that was enhanced by a kaleidoscope of hypnotic visuals.  New songs coalesced with older hits to get the concert going in the right direction with a crowd-pleasing classic like “New Theory” being juxtaposed to newer earworms like “Burn Out Blues” and “Floating By”. Room in the audience was unbelievably scarce as the sold out show made other ‘sold-out shows’ look like an open area expanse.

Greene’s positivity flows through band and his audience seamlessly, setting a focal point for the music and aura that never seems to dip into the negative. A select few extended plays were embarked on as Washed Out leaned into solos and good ole fashioned jams. A critical mass of contentedness enveloped the crowd towards the end of the set with their biggest hit “Feel It All Around” and the epoch of the set “Amor Fati” both tempting the moment with perfection. 

Some concerts offer various components of the show to be exceptional but a truly memorable act will streamline musicianship, stage present, lighting effects, etc into a synergistic energy bomb of engagement, and luckily Washed Out is composes all aspects with deft precision. The show would end with an encore of “Soft” and “Eyes Be Closed” to send the crowd home with a heavenly taste in their mouths. While the late December temperatures can weigh heavy on moods, Washed Out is an effective prescription to elevate any audience member’s outlook on life.